Please remember – you yourself will get sick. You alone have to take care of yourself and your family. Do you know what you did 14 days ago and who you met? We not! Here are our personal recommendations:

Only go to places with a lot of people if you absolutely have to.
If possible, go on vacation or work at home office. Talk to your boss what is possible.
Is there a way not to send the child to daycare or school?
It is best to only shop with delivery service. If that doesn’t work, go to times when there are fewer people in the shops.
Always wear a mask. Absolutely, if you go into rooms with people.
If you work in one place with many different/changing other people, always wear a mask – as a postman, service, supermarket, police officer, porter, waiter, customer service….
Keep a distance from other people, at least one meter, better more.
All surfaces touched by other people will be contaminated. If possible ipe buttons, door handles, railings, keyboards, atm, shopping trolleys before touching with disinfectant. Better not to touch or only touch with your elbow. Then disinfect the elbow.
Use disposable handkerchiefs, towels, gloves.
Wash your hands often and thoroughly.
Don’t touch your face; mouth, nose, eyes. The mask reminds you of this.
There is no 100% security. But you can just do all of this here and try not to infect yourself with it.

Please share that if you agree with me. If everyone participates, there is a good chance that many people will survive the pandemic.