We stay there for you, please stay at home for us!

A call to the citizen – for a sense of community and solidarity.

How do you know you don’t already have it in you? Nobody is immune, nobody can see it, there is no warning and no second chance. If you don’t prevent it yourself, you will become infected. If you just keep walking around, you will infect other people.  The highest risk for the spread are all kind of contacts. At work, in public, at events, in rooms, outside.

To everyone:

Please stay at home. Inside. Without a visit. Order everything you need with delivery service. Leave your children at home, even if there is emergency care. Think about the child care people. And the fact that your children can also get infected in the emergency service. Think about whether the next appointment is worth a walk and / or infection. If you absolutely must get out, think about your fellow human beings. Please always wear a mask. This prevents the virus from spreading more safely than disinfection.

Please keep your distance from other people and let the garbage disposal, fire brigade, police, emergency services etc. do their work alone.  Only go to places with people if you absolutely have to.  If possible, go on vacation or work at home. Talk to your boss what’s possible.  It is best to only shop with delivery service. If that doesn’t work, go to times when fewer people are in stores.  Wear a mask. Especially when you go into rooms with people.  If you work with many different other people in one place, always wear a mask – as a postman, service provider, supermarket employee, police officer, porter, customer service.

Keep your distance from other people, at least 1.5 meter, better more.  All surfaces that are touched by other people may be contaminated. If possible, wipe the knobs, door handles, railings, keyboards, ATMs and shopping carts with disinfectant before touching them. Wash your hands often and thoroughly. Don’t touch your face. Not on the mouth, nose, eyes. The mask reminds you.  There is no 100% safety. But you can just do all of this here and try not to get infected with it.

To the merchants:

It is up to you most to get the country through the crisis well.  Many thanks to your employees for working for us! Please also ensure that the population is provided with masks and disinfectants. At realistic prices.

Please switch sales to pre-order. On the Internet or on the phone. Please deliver, or have the orders picked up at delivery points. Please give space, avoid queues. Please give your employees masks and disinfect them several times a day. Please keep customers without a mask out of the shops. Please limit the supply of important items to prevent black market purchases.

To companies:

Please give your employees the opportunity to stay at home. Be fair to your people, they will thank you. There is no use if you ask for work now and everyone is sick in two weeks.

To landlords, banks, creditors:

Please be fair to your committed parties, they will thank you. Just give you time! Please freeze commitments, and postpone installments. Ask the government about compensation for losses, not ordinary people. They will remember who helped and who was only looking for profit during the crisis. All reviews will go through social networks – a good review secures the future of your company. And you always meet twice.

To corona party visitors:

Stay at home! Do not go to the doctor or hospital!  Don’t infect innocent people. Leave the places free!  For people who have been infected accidentally or at work.

It depends on all of us now!

Only together, with mutual consideration and support, will we be able to go through it. Thank you for your help and participation!