Nobody forbids you to do more than the government ordered!

Maybe YOU are also responsible, that the normal life and business are shut down?

The virus is still spreading, as long people have contacts to others without wearing a mask.

It takes TWO WEEKS after an infection, until it breaks out. In some cases it is not visible for the person themselves. But they are infectious! In that time everyone is a possible distributor.

The only way to stop it: EVERYONE is WEARING A MASK and AVOID close contact to other people.

Remember: it takes approx. 10 to 21 days, until the effect gets visible.

Please do YOUR PART and WEAR A MASK! All time when you can see other people.

It’s a small exercise, but it will stop the virus.

As long it is not stopped, the government will (must) keep the country down. If evereone keep it consequently, it will be done in four weeks!

Everything else is risky, irresponsible and dangerous for all of us.

Thank you!