These recommendations are created based on investigations and data. We are using the quality management and occupational safety standards in Germany. After some months of observation, we have enough information provide validated recommendations to everyone.

Ways of Infection:
It’s proven, that this COVID-19 virus is transferred by droplets, when a virus-carrying person is breathing, coughing, or sneezing. Other ways are obviously not relevant. A comprehensive investigation was done by Prof. Dr. Hendrik Streeck and his team. In the first affected city in Germany, in a home with many infected people. They checked every kind of surface frequently but could not verify active and infective viruses on any surface.

Cases of death
The COVID-19 virus is not deadly by itself. Until today we don’t get one proven case of death only from the virus. The actual named victims died with, but not because of the virus. Every victim had another disease before. Heart problem, lung problem; the body was already weakened before the infection by different kinds of bad lifestyle, pollution or even age.

To make that very clear: it is dangerous and not just to ignore. But not for everybody and not a reason to shut down the world.

Data and statistics
The records of cases are not processed accurately.  Not everyone who is infected is tested, not everyone showing symptoms. For average people in a normal health condition the symptoms are minimally visible. Data providing autopsies are not realized, a dead person is just counted to the corona statistic. Because of this, the data for the statistics in the media are all time not accurate. They shifted to a negative result and are not proven by scientific determined data.

How YOU can stop the infection wave
Everyone should wear a mask. The mask is not protecting one from getting infected. But it keeps the droplets with viruses with the potential sender! Here the real community spirit is required. You can’t protect yourself with a mask; you must protect others.

Summary and Recommendations:
As a basic principle, everyone who is not isolated before could carry the virus. This does not mean, that he/she feels it or gets seriously sick. But he/she can infect others.

People with special risk for serious problems in case of an infection must be protected by everyone.  The hygiene standards (frequently hand washing, disinfection of surfaces) should be kept high.

We would not punish the infected people. We would not punish people who walk or help other people.

People without special problems and special risk for bad course of the disease (or their family members) should come back to work to keep the world running.

We recommend terminating the general curfews and enforce the self protective duties. Like healthy lifestyle, healthy food rich in vitamins, sports, exercise in the fresh air, a good social environment.
Anyone who wants, can participate in everything. If you don’t want to, you must have the security of effective protection.
Please stop the lockdown. Let the companies work, let the people decide by themselves.


Lockdown effects:

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