The Company. Our core Values. Our Beliefs.

We about Us

You are running a factory, and we are sure that you are doing it well. But sometimes a friend’s advice from outside can be very helpful.
We help you wholeheartedly to achieve the best. Supporting your business and your success is always our driving force.

Decades of experience in the chemical and pharmaceutical industry guarantees that we are well trained in production. Especially in the processes of the printed circuit board industry – from the design/construction of production lines over the recovery of raw materials to process and water supply optimization.

Our unique field of experience ranges from R&D -chemical and physical mechanisms- to engineering and manufacturing process. From quality management, occupational safety to employee motivation.
Moreover, we use specialized tools and methods in quality and lean management to analyze and optimize your factory. The advantages for you are both our dedication to your success and a view from outside.

Let us observe and analyze your production processes together – not to point out the defects but to support you as a friend.

Our guarantee:
If we find something to improve, we will offer you solutions. In this case, the analysis is free of charge.
Our payment is purely calculated on success. And your gains will be much more than that.


The annoyance about poor quality remains longer and deeper than the short joy of the low price.

What is quality?
Quality means: the customer comes back, not the goods.
Good quality means: the customer likes to come back often
Very good quality means: the customer comes back and brings a couple of friends with him. 

We support you to operate an efficient, safe production with high quality output.

Why us?

We got the Tools

High level training in the German chemical Industry.

Excellent specialists in cooperation and partnerships.


Master of chemical production and management, State authorized person for all class explosives, State certified expert work safety, Six Sigma Black Belt and LEAN Master.

Performance-based prices

Minimum base price

Success-based payment

According to customer benefits

Quality Guarantee

Best technologies

Best machines

Made in Germany

30 Years Experience

From laboratory, research and development to process engineering to complex PCB production. More than 30 years 100% accident free leader in chemical industry.

Great Support

German old school!
Guidelines for products and employees:

Quality, Reliability, Longevity.

Our Services for You

PCB and Semiconductor industry

Specialized and experienced in classical PTH and Desmear processes. From HDI to package substrates, multilayer and rigid-flex materials. From mass production to cleanroom high end factories.

Valuable background

Family business. Founded by a thoroughbred master technician, with interest and joy in production and technologies.
Cooperation in mutual trust and win-win as the goal.

Profit & Environment health

We help you to optimize your process stability, to reduce rework and/or rejects, to shorten the maintenance time. Save money through ion recovery and water savings – while improving environmental protection.

Our goals are satisfied customers and employees, social recognition and our own success on the basis of serving society in a positive sense.
Holistic production is the focus of our work. We have made it our task to optimize them according to efficiency, raw material consumption, water consumption and material recycling.
A friendly, respectful, calm and courteous approach to the customer is our top priority.  While maintaining human dignity and individuality and regardless of the social status of the customer, our company strives to provide the best possible advice and supply with the required products.  The employees represent our company positively in public through their personal demeanor and their behavior towards customers and other contact persons.
We work cost-conscientiously and success-oriented and have a wide range of modern devices. Reliability and full compliance with legal regulations, occupational safety and environmentally friendly work are part of our working principles.

On the basis of reliable scientific knowledge, we guarantee the holistic fulfillment of customer requirements through the use of modern technology. An important goal of our company is the permanent improvement of our services through the use of quality management and constant further education. We actively contribute our competence and expertise through advice and information.
We work constructively with our partners and adapt flexibly to social requirements. We work independently in the team in the respective areas of work and responsibility. Transparency, collegiality, openness and humanity are management principles. Each of our employees contributes an important part to the overall result of our company. We maintain an internal customer philosophy, which means that everyone also sees each colleague as a customer within the company. Only this approach makes positive external customer orientation possible without restrictions – the inside has an external effect.


We will not promise you the cheapest offer. We guarantee the best – and you get what you pay for.