Desmear / PTH

Adaptation, Support and Optimization of Desmear and PTH processes

For SAP, MLB and HDI manufacturing and related processes.

The most important process step in the production of multilayers and fine line technology.
The foundation for roughness, peel strength and uniformity are defined here.
If there are problems in this step, the quality in all subsequent processes will be affected.

Cleaning, activation, copper deposition.
When to use a bath with EDTA or alternatives?
What has to be monitored in which steps, what are the critical factors?

Help with comprehensive structuring of your production steps.
Line management, sample management, operator management, maintenance management, laboratory analyses.

Auditing, Trouble shooting.

Great for you

Improvement of the performance and total process lifetime.

Saving maintenance down time, increasing the efficiency of your line.

Consistent product quality, reduction of the failure rate, yield improvement.