Cations Recovery

Reclamation of precious metals (Pd, Au) , heavy metals (Cu, Ni) from baths and rinse water.

The chemicals are selectively removed from individual rinse water and active baths.

Multi-stage high-performance filtration at the molecular level.

Field of application: precious metal / high price ingredients contained in baths and rinses.

Field of application: immersion processes.

Selective removal of ions exchanged from the base metal layer.

Field of application: immersion processes, etch baths, plating baths.

Selective removal of dissolved ions.

Cation Recovery from used plating baths.

Great for you

You improve the lifetime of process baths and the performance of your production. Reduction of defects and process deviation. You regain your valuable resources. You put less burdon on the waste water system.

You save money and protect the environment.