Factory 4.0

100% controlled and automated factory.

Integrate all of your systems. Know every second what is going on where.

You have many individual systems from different suppliers for each part of your factory.  Each one is independent and controls the area for which it is made.

We link the individual components of your factory via a single control unit. See everything what’s going on in your factory in real time.

Every measuring point is integrated into the system. Data collection from existing systems and / or newly installed sensors. The individual components are connected in a grid using software and servers. The data is made available in real time.

You always know what’s happening exactly. Workforce, supplier and visitor management, with access authorizations and position detection. Absolute control of the machines – possible problems can be identified and reported in advance. The technician are called to the machine before there is a failure.

Controlled predictive maintenance is made possible.

The factory monitors itself.
Example: Grant access rights for areas. Only this area is then accessible. Find out immediately when someone tries to enter somewhere else.
Machines: Deviations from parameters are reported and corresponding actions are triggered automatically or manually. They know when a condition is changing and can react before something bad happens.
Evaluation: Different access levels allow selective knowledge names.

Great for you

The factory monitors itself. Incorrect conditions are actively prevented.

Accidents or malfunctions are impossible if the devices are checked independently.

From line managers to board members.

You know it first.